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Atlanta Truck Accident Attorneys

Keeping Truck Drivers Between the Lines

A tractor trailer driven at breakneck speed by a sleep-deprived or otherwise impaired driver is a recipe for disaster. At Cummings & Middlebrooks, LLP, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers represent clients who have been severely injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident.

Unfortunately, severe accidents and sometimes loss of life happens as a result of negligent truck drivers. If this has happened to you or a loved one, our firm can fight for fair compensation that may allow you to get back on your feet and/or be compensated for the severe injury or loss of life resulting from the accident.

Assessing Damage to You & Your Vehicle

The damage to your car is only the start. The physical injuries you suffer are likely to be severe. We deal with those issues and more at Cummings & Middlebrooks, LLP, helping assess property damage while you see a doctor regarding your injuries.

While the costs associated with repairs and medical treatment can be steep, it is important that you or your loved ones receive help from a doctor or psychologist following an accident. This can help ensure that you do not suffer worsening symptoms that can negatively affect your future.

Answering Your Questions

Teaming up with truck accident reconstructionists and other professionals allows us to go in depth into the exploration of your truck accident.

This methodology allows us to answer questions related to any of the following:

  • A trucker’s time on the road
  • The number of breaks taken
  • Possible impairment due to fatigue, drugs, or alcohol

We put trucking companies on notice following a truck accident in written form. The evidence must be well-kept, including logbooks (there may be more than one), employee records, and speed and braking data from the truck’s black box.

Do not wait another day. Let our experienced Atlanta truck accident attorneys handle your case. Contact us online to schedule your free consultation.