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Roofing Accident Lawyers in Atlanta

Our Attorneys Help with Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Roofing accidents are a common occurrence on both commercial and residential construction sites. If you have been injured in a roofing accident because of unsafe working conditions, the negligence of another, or just an unfortunate incident, the workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys at Cummings & Middlebrooks, LLP, are well equipped to handle your claim.

Serious or even fatal injuries can occur during roof work at a construction site. We handle injury claims resulting from roofing accidents caused by such things as:

Have You Suffered an Injury?

Common injuries after serious roofing accidents include multiple fractures, impalement, brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, and sometimes even death. Injuries sustained after falling from a roof may require expensive surgery and significant medical expenses to enable a sound recovery.

When you have been injured, make sure you seek medical attention. This can be the difference between serious consequences and your recovery. No matter what your injuries, it’s important that you take the time you need to treat and rehabilitate any damage that occurred.

Help Filing a Workers’ Compensation Case

No matter how severe your injury or what the circumstances of your accident, you may have grounds to file a case for workers’ compensation. This can help you pay your medical bills and other expenses related to your injury. This compensation may also help the surviving family of a deceased worker when they need help after a fatal accident.

If you have sustained a serious injury as the result of a roofing accident, contact our Atlanta construction accident attorneys at Cummings & Middlebrooks, LLP, for a free case review.