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Cummings & Middlebrooks, LLP Cummings & Middlebrooks, LLP
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Client Success Stories

My Attorney Held The Employer Accountable When They Improperly Reduced My Weekly Workers’ Compensation Benefit Payments

Atlanta, GA

Our client injured her back while working for a large transportation company in Atlanta. She reported the injury, received medical treatment, and willingly returned to work in a light duty transitional program so she could receive her pre-injury pay, which vastly exceeded her workers’ compensation weekly pay. After one year of working in the light duty program, the employer ended the job and returned our client home. While our client’s workers’ compensation benefit payments were reinstated, the employer, without any explanation, later reduced our client’s benefit payments within a matter of weeks. In doing so, the employer advanced an unfounded, self-serving argument to support their position for the reduction of benefits. Our client knew something was suspicious, so she called Cummings & Middlebrooks for assistance.

It took two years of litigation and appeals to get our client the workers’ compensation benefit payments she deserved, but the time and dedication of firm partner Will Cummings paid off. Throughout the process, every single court agreed that the transportation company could not financially punish our client under the applicable statutory scheme for returning to work in a program the employer created, especially when, through no fault of our client, the light duty program only lasted one year. In the end, our client received the extra compensation she deserved, which allowed her to catch up on bills and move forward with her life. Congratulations to workers’ compensation attorney Will Cummings for a job well done!

They fought for me in court!

Claxton, GA

Our client, a 60-year old, developed a shoulder injury from repetitively using equipment at his job in a factory. The pain was so great that he couldn’t sleep at night. Our client reported the injury to his employer, and received medical treatment as well as a light duty work schedule. Unfortunately, he needed a shoulder replacement, which the company refused to cover due to his age and preexisting condition. He called Cummings & Middlebrooks for help.

Tray Middlebrooks, a workers’ compensation attorney at Cummings & Middlebrooks, took the company to court and won. The company appealed the decision, and Tray won the appeal as well. Our client’s shoulder replacement surgery is now scheduled. He loves his job and looks forward to getting back to work as soon as possible. Congratulations workers’ compensation attorney Tracy Middlebrooks!

I just wanted the pain to go away.

Marietta, GA

Our client, a single mom with a teenage child, worked at a local office of a national retail chain. She slipped on a wet floor in the employee break room, fell hard, and injured her neck and back. After reporting the injury, our client received medical treatment for over a year while she continued to work, but the pain wouldn’t go away. The company’s doctor recommended a special spinal procedure, but the company refused to pay for it. She contacted Cummings & Middlebrooks for help.

Tray Middlebrooks, a workers’ compensation attorney at Cummings & Middlebrooks, took the retailer to court. The judge agreed that our client’s need for the procedure was due to her work injury and ordered the company to pay for it. It was quickly scheduled and successfully completed. Our client is excited about getting over the pain, getting back to work, and doing what she loves – running! Congratulations workers’ compensation attorney Tracy Middlebrooks.

I Hurt My Knee On The Job And It’s Not Getting Any Better. What Do I Do?

Atlanta, GA

Our Atlanta, GA workers’ compensation client was a team leader and long-term employee at a large grocery store chain. While assisting his team on the loading dock, he injured his knee. Thereafter, he went to a company-designated doctor, received medication and physical therapy, and eventually was cleared by the company doctor to resume full duty work. Unfortunately, the pain continued and his condition did not improve. One of his friends recommended he call the attorneys at Cummings & Middlebrooks for help.

We negotiated with the insurance company to have an independent doctor evaluate our client, and that doctor determined he needed surgery to repair his knee. When the insurance company wouldn’t agree to pay for the surgery, firm partner Will Cummings took the issue to court. Our client just wanted to fix his knee and continue working, and the judge agreed that the insurance company was responsible for paying for surgery, which in the end was the proper solution. Our client still works at the grocery chain, and now in a higher level position! Congratulations to Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney Will Cummings.

I’m A New Employee. Do I Still Qualify For Workers’ Compensation?

Rome, GA

Our Rome, GA workers’ compensation client was a new employee at a popular restaurant chain. He had a variety of duties, including cooking, moving tables, hauling food from the freezer, and cleaning the parking lot. When he started experiencing severe back pains, he went to the emergency room for treatment, but was still in pain after several days in bed. He then reported the injury to his manager and asked to see a doctor. When the manager refused, he called Cummings & Middlebrooks for help.

Attorney Will Cummings was able to establish that the injury was work-related and that our client followed the correct procedures in reporting the injury. The restaurant chain first pushed for a financial settlement that would not cover our client’s basic medical needs, but we knew our client deserved better treatment than that. Instead of jumping at the money, we moved forward with the claim. Just before trial, the insurance company finally caved and agreed to pay for our client’s medical treatment and weekly workers’ compensation benefit payments. Congratulations to Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney Will Cummings.

Attorney Tray Middlebrooks Proves That Car Accident Is Work-Related

Lithonia, GA

Our Lithonia, GA workers compensation client loved her job helping sick and elderly patients as a home healthcare nurse. She then became a patient herself after sustaining major injuries in a car accident that occurred while traveling to a patient’s home. Her employer claimed the company was not liable because she was traveling and not being paid or reimbursed for that travel. Unable to pay her expensive medical bills, she contacted the workers compensation attorneys at Cummings & Middlebrooks for help.

Attorney Tray Middlebrooks took her case and proved the company wrong. He showed through evidence consisting of accident reports, maps, and Google Earth, that the employer was, in fact, paying for her travel when the accident occurred thereby making it liable for her injuries. Just before trial, the company finally admitted responsibility and agreed to pay for our client’s medical treatment and income benefits for time out of work. Our client is back on the job today as a home healthcare nurse, thanks to the efforts of workers’ compensation attorney Tracy Middlebrooks.

I Was Injured And My Employer Did Not Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Carrollton, GA

Our Carrollton, GA workers’ compensation client worked as a gymnastics coach for over 15 years when he was injured while teaching a class. He was diagnosed with a torn Achilles tendon and the doctor said surgery was the only way to repair it. That is when he learned his employer did not carry workers’ compensation insurance as required by law. Without the ability to pay for expensive surgery, he contacted the workers compensation attorneys at Cummings & Middlebrooks for help.

The gymnastics company claimed that our client was an independent contractor, but attorney Tray Middlebrooks knew better and took the case to court. He was able to prove our client was an employee, and the judge ordered the gymnastics company to pay his medical expenses and lost wages. Our client has scheduled his surgery and looks forward to teaching gymnastics again. Congratulations to Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney Tracy Middlebrooks.

I Got Fired After Getting Injured On The Job, And My Company Won’t Pay My Medical Expenses

Gainesville, GA

Our Gainesville, GA workers’ compensation client, who had been working at a chicken processing plant for many years, developed carpal tunnel syndrome, a repetitive use injury that was caused, in her case, by the cold conditions and constant pinching and pulling required to do her job. The pain became so severe that she went to the company nurse, and then to one of the approved doctors who sent her back to work. When she was fired for lack of production due to her injuries, she contacted the workers compensation attorneys at Cummings & Middlebrooks for help.

After sending our client to a doctor with no ties to the company, attorney Tray Middlebrooks was able to prove her symptoms were work-related and the judge found the employer was liable for her injuries. Our client received a fair settlement – enough money to cover medical treatment as well as lost wages after her termination. Congratulations to Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney Tracy Middlebrooks.

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