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Atlanta Construction Accident Lawyer

Fighting for Your Right to Workers’ Compensation

Have you recently been injured on the job in a construction accident in the Atlanta area? One of the most dangerous industries to work in is construction, and it is important that companies go to the appropriate lengths to protect their workers.

Even with safety standards in place, there are many hazards and risks for injury. When a construction site is lax in any way, it can lead to catastrophic accidents. If your employer has behaved negligently and failed to keep up with the proper safety protocols, leading to serious injuries, you may need to file a claim to receive benefits.

You should not hesitate to hire an Atlanta construction accident attorney to represent you and fight aggressively for your rights. Call Cummings & Middlebrooks, LLP at (404) 250-3292 today.

Fighting for Compensation for a Variety of Accidents

After a work related accident, it is an unfortunate occurrence that many employers are irresponsible and do not want to pay you the benefits that you may be owed. They may even try to get you to accept a less than fair settlement if you promise not to file a claim. Injuries, however, can be very serious, and it important that you work to get all that you are owed.

There are many different injuries which can be suffered on a construction site as a result of the following:

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With more than 30 years of experience under our belt and a true passion for helping injured workers recover fair compensation and benefits, you can trust that the team at Cummings & Middlebrooks, LLP has your best interest in mind. We dedicate ourselves to each and every one of our clients, and we don’t charge a thing unless we are successful.

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