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5 Common Types Of Construction Accidents

There are many potential dangers on a construction site, but some types of accidents happen with alarming frequency. In this blog, we take a look at five of the most common and most dangerous types of construction accidents in Georgia. If you or a loved one have been injured, call our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys to pursue the fair compensation and benefits you need during this trying time.

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1. Falls

Falls are the most dangerous type of accident on a construction site, and contributes to the highest number of fatalities each year. This is not surprising, as large construction projects typically require workers to climb great heights. While there is an inherent risk, construction safety plans must include provisions to help keep workers safe.

2. Electrocution

Electricity is extremely powerful, and the unfinished nature of electrical circuits on construction sites can pose a serious threat. According to OSHA, construction workers should always wear proper protection if they are working anywhere near an electrical power circuit.

3. “Struck-By” Accidents

There is typically a lot of heavy equipment and machinery on a construction site – when this equipment strikes a worker, the consequences can be devastating. Care must be taken when working around cranes and heavy trucks, as well as when working around any unstable structures or walls.

4. Fires & Explosions

Unfinished plumbing work can allow gases to leak onto a construction site, posing a major risk for a fire or serious explosion. Unfinished electrical work is also a common cause of these accidents, as wires can arc and quickly start a fire.

5. Falling Debris

It’s unfortunately common for workers to fall from high places on a construction site, but objects and debris also often drop from these locations. Those working on the ground can be seriously injured or even killed when tools or construction materials fall.

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