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Injuries from Falling Debris

Stepping onto a construction job site without wearing a hard hat is big mistake. One of the leading causes of serious injuries on construction sites is falling debris. To avoid an accident or at least limit injury from an accident, wear safety equipment, be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for hazards.

Construction laborers, weather roofers, framers, electricians, plumbers, masons, heavy equipment operators, welders or the like, are at a very high risk for physical harm. The very nature of their work puts them in the high-risk category, but that does not mean accidents have to occur. When workers are trained properly and act responsibly, the chances of something bad happening are considerably reduced.

As leading Atlanta workers’ comp attorneys, Cummings & Middlebrooks has helped many construction workers receive just compensation for their injuries. If you have been struck by a falling object on the job and are now experiencing physical harm as a result, contact one of our attorneys today for assistance.

Look out below

It is an unfortunate statistic but accidents involving falling debris occur almost on a daily basis. Of all the hazards present on construction sites, the one that causes the most harm and which has claimed many lives is falling debris. While the term may make one think of unsecured building materials (stone, wood, concrete, etc.) it actually encompasses a wide variety of items.

More often than not, tools and equipment that have been dropped, knocked over or dislodged are the culprits of injuries, which lends truth to the argument that irresponsibility is an underlying cause of most accidents. There is no place for carelessness in the construction industry; simply put, lives are at stake. An Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney can help right these wrongs.

Safety gear is not always life-saving

It is worth noting that proper safety apparel can only go so far. A hard hat can indeed reduce the impact of a falling object and prevent direct physical contact with the head, but the shock can still cause traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries. Even when dropped from 10 feet, a small object can become a deadly projectile. Larger objects dropped from higher altitudes can obviously cause considerably more serious injuries.

Federal agencies such as O.S.H.A. implement regulations to reduce the likelihood of construction site accidents, but those alone are not enough. A zero-tolerance policy for irresponsibility is needed on all job sites, as is comprehensive safety training. Even though your injury may have been the result of an accident, your employer is responsible for providing income and medical benefits and an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney can help you through the legal process.

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