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Medical Benefits for Injured Workers

A work-related injury can lead to physical, financial and emotional difficulties. It can have serious repercussions that can affect injured workers for the rest of their lives. This is why the law safeguards the rights of workers involved in job-related accidents. They are entitled to a variety of income and medical benefits that often only a seasoned workers’ comp lawyer can ascertain for them.

Your Rights are Protected by the Law

The first thing an injured worker should do after a workplace accident is seek immediate medical attention. The employer is required by law to cover all medical expenses resulting from an on the job accident. This includes all medical appointments, travel to and from medical appointments, medical supplies, prescriptions and parking. Even when the injury is relatively minor the out-of-pockets expenses can and should be billed to your employer or their insurance company.

For a major injury, seek the assistance and advice of a reputable workers’ comp lawyer soon after you have received treatment. Cummings & Middlebrooks are some of the most experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in Atlanta. We will insure you receive the best medical treatment possible and all medical benefits to which you are entitled under the law following a workplace injury.

It is important to note that insurance companies often fail to inform injured workers of their rights following a workplace injury so they are unaware of the medical treatment to which they are entitled. Most have never been involved in a workers’ compensation claim and are unfamiliar with the law. Therefore, it is best to seek advice from attorneys who know every aspect of the law and can advise you of your rights.

Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about the laws that govern workers’ compensation in Georgia. We will insure you receive appropriate and complete medical care and help you file a simple Notice of Claim or go to court if necessary when you are denied medical treatment. Our expertise is your best protection against being denied medical care that is much needed following a workplace injury.

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