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Questions to Ask Your Potential Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Most employees never think they will be the victim of a work-related injury, but accidents nonetheless happen on the job every single day. If the time ever arises where you are injured while at work, knowing what to do and how to respond is very important. After receiving medical attention, the first thing you should do is find an attorney who can represent your case. Even if the evidence is clearly in your favor, you still risk potentially losing out on workers compensation benefits or a favorable workers’ compensation settlement. Having a reputable lawyer on your side is crucial.

Your claim is only as believable as your presentation in court, which is why hiring a lawyer that specializes in workers’ compensation is very important. However, when searching for an attorney, it can be difficult to know which option is the most prudent. With the multitude of attorneys to choose from, how do you know who is the right one? Instead of walking into the initial consultation unaware, unprepared, and hoping for any suitable outcome, you will fare much better when armed with a few questions. Remember, you are hiring the workers compensation lawyer to represent you, so it definitely behooves you to do your research in advance.

The Questions Every Injured Worker Should Ask

  • What is the attorney’s track record and how successful have they been with similar cases? Don’t be afraid to be blunt, because the last thing you want to do is hire someone that lacks the requisite workers’ compensation experience and who fails to adequately resolve workers’ compensation claims through settlement.

  • How does the attorney keep current with the workers compensation laws in the state, and how well versed are they with the system? Any reputable attorney knows the law is never static. Thus, knowing how the attorney you are considering for your case stays up to date with the workers’ compensation laws in your state is vital.

  • Does the attorney specialize in workers compensation law, or do they practice other areas in addition to workers’ compensation? For obvious reasons, selecting an attorney who solely handles workers comp cases as opposed to an attorney with a general practice firm is the most prudent option.

  • What do you think the success rate of my case will be, and, if successful, how long will it be before I start receiving compensation? When comparing attorneys, pay close attention to their answers to the first part of this question. If an attorney says you have a really good chance of winning while other attorneys say the opposite, you want to ask that attorney why he believes your case will be successful in the face of the other contradictory opinions. If that attorney is only telling you what you want to hear, then you will probably be better served with another attorney. Often times, in this instance the lack of experience can be revealing.

Remember, you need legal protection for injuries experienced on the job. Whether you receive compensation for your accident, on the other hand, wholly depends on how well your case is presented. Spend some time reading through this list and calling multiple workers compensation attorneys in your area before making a final decision about who is more equipped to represent your interests.

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