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Top Five Mistakes Made in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Avoid Making These 5 Workers’ Compensation Mistakes

  • Withholding information. Don’t withhold any information from your employer, doctors, or the insurance company, or it could hurt your claim. Also, be honest about old injuries and prior medical treatment. In a workers’ compensation case, the insurance company will gain access to your medical records and will use discrepancies against you if you are not truthful from the outset.

  • Skipping doctor’s appointments. If you miss medical appointments, your claim could be delayed or denied due to lack of medical evidence. If you must miss an appointment, have a valid reason and reschedule as soon as possible.

  • Being too vague. No one expects your memory to be perfect in regards to your injury. However, even details that may seem insignificant can be important to your case as a whole, so be specific.

  • Comparing your case to others. Every case is different. Age, gender, income, occupation, and type of injury are all taken into account when determining the outcome of your case. Let your attorney help you develop realistic expectations for your specific case.

  • Seeking revenge. If you decline a reasonable offer of resolution simply to have your day in court, you may find the judge is not sympathetic to your case. An experienced attorney will guide you to making the best possible decision.

Having an attorney on your side is one of the best ways to avoid making these common workers’ compensation mistakes. The insurance company is looking out for their own interests, but your lawyer wants what is best for you. Don’t let your case be harmed by avoidable errors.

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